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To try access opportunities, smaller organisations therefore required visibility of projects/programmes being issued to large FAOs. In line with the terms and conditions of the GEFA … We have global and regional partners in 16 countries for this contract, who can be called on and utilized depending on the technical scope and country/regional focus of a … DAI Global Health was a prime contractor for the Global Evaluation Framework Agreement 2 (GEFA 2) for Lot 1, covering Impact Evaluation. The Framework is available for use with all DFID-funded programmes and also extends to programmes funded through the International Climate Fund (ICF), jointly managed by DFID, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). job vacancies in Tanzania Jan 2013. 5 April 2013. DFID adapts a version of Chambers Conway’s definition of livelihoods: A Logical Framework Approach (LFA) 1 is a project design methodology that provides a systematic structure for identifying, planning and managing projects. Details are available for those interested): It highlights the importance of identifying key M&E questions for each M&E area … h�b```�b6 �� ̀ ���,*̼@�%@ʀ�c^p��� ����BO�1�'X9��m�0Ybݰ/��\֩�˂m=#[�l�ú4��G�s������)��A�wI4��IǃK��TG<8����}�A�0k��K��Rx�\���]��:Ē�n` �����������&D;X:8@�)X���A�(����� Following a drive to diversify into new donor-funded markets, WYG has been successful with the Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) having now secured its first commission. GEFA 2 ensures the provision of efficient and effective expert services for the design and implementation of evaluations delivered by the former U.K. Department for International Development (now called Foreign, Commonwealth & … DFID – UK Department for International Development IDRC – International Development Research Centre ... comprehensive M&E framework that goes beyond counting outputs or citations; it works to track changes more closely, paying attention to often-neglected elements of strategy and management. Devex is the media platform for the global development community . Increasingly, it adds equity as a fourth E, in line with its commitment to ensuring that women and marginalised groups are not left behind. Prior to tendering for a DFID Contract tendering organisations … Your … It was developed in the United States for USAID and has been adopted and adapted for use by other major donors including DFID and the EC. Instead, it is intended to stimulate readers to reflect on the approach and make their own contributions to … Disclaimer This report has been prepared by Ecorys for DFID, for services specified in the Terms of Reference and contract of engagement. WYG wins Mine Action Evaluation work through GEFA Framework. Internationally, DFID is a strong advocate for the value for money agenda, … We also work with multilateral institutions including the World Bank, UN agencies and the European Commission. This contract is provided under the GEFA … Thanks to the DFID DIBs team, stakeholders of the ICRC HIB, Village Enterprise DIB, Quality Education India DIB and Cameroon Cataract Bond, as well as DIB stakeholders who supplied information and views. 8. Disclaimer This report has been prepared by Ecorys for DFID, for services specified in the Terms of Reference and contract of engagement. HPI is a lead agency and niche evaluator. This Framework … DFID results framework dfid-external-results.pdf 301.32 KB Report, published on 28 MArch 2013, setting out the structure of DFID's results framework, the headline results to be delivered through DFID bilateral and multilateral programmes, as well as the list of indicators for monitoring and managing these results. %PDF-1.5 %���� At the same time, interest in this work has grown more widely, and other organisations have developed a number of related tools and approaches. As a result, DFID will need to have access to a range of framework participants who are able to provide high quality and internationally recognised evaluation knowledge and skills to design and/or undertake evaluations across the organisation’s policy areas and programmes. experience within DFID on how political economy analysis can be used to strengthen understanding and programming. Under the GEFA framework, QED has successfully won the opportunity to undertake a wide range of evaluations for DFID, which is now delivering 25+ evaluations across 20 countries and 15 sector areas. DFID 6904 DFID Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) ITT Description of the contract The SPRING initiative has been designed to test out … GEFA is DFID’s primary route for engaging service providers for a variety of evaluation programmes and consultancy opportunities. It was partly informed by reports that highlighted weaknesses in existing logframes. The aim is to provide technical services that deliver economic development and poverty reduction outcomes for the UK’s development operations that … DFID wishes to work with Framework participants who are committed to ensuring that the best technical development expertise is quickly and efficiently accessible to DFID staff/colleagues across the UK Government. This was not … The bulk of our … It identified that organisational learning has a direct impact on results and that they have the potential to be excellent at organisational … Overall, DFID’s Frameworks, under their previous guise, provided no access to small businesses that were not on the original PQQ. The aim is to provide technical … This guidance has been written for DFID project workers and DFID partners, and focuses on helping to make the best use of the logical framework (logframe) in designing and managing projects. The position was last held … If you notice any issues please contact us. Map of DFID’s VAWG programmes and policy influencing work, 2014 Oxford Policy Management, under the GEFA e … DFID uses a 3E framework – economy, efficiency and effectiveness – to track value for money through its results chain (from inputs to outputs, outcomes and impact). The purpose of the project from the DFID viewpoint is to serve our higher level … SMEs did not have the infrastructure necessary to meet the requirements of Framework Agreements. DFID Terms and Conditions of Contract. DFID procurement: current frameworks. WYG wins Mine Action Evaluation work through GEFA Framework. DFID seeks to work in partnership with governments which are committed to the international targets, and also seeks to work with business, civil society and the research community to encourage progress which will help reduce poverty. DFID versucht insbesondere, die Situation von Frauen und Mädchen zu verbessern. RHFA: Reproductive Health Services Framework Agreement (Aug 2011-Sept 2015,DFID/Futures Group Europe). 1285 0 obj <>stream GEFA Global Evaluation Framework Agreement HoP Head of Profession IACDI Independent Advisory Committee on Aid Impact IC Investment Committee ICAI Independent Commission for Aid Impact ICF International Climate Fund IE Impact Evaluation J-PAL Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab KII Key Informant Interview MB Management Board . DFID is seeking to establish a General Economic Development FA which can be accessed by other government departments. 0 It aims to evaluate impact by measuring against the desired effect; the impact on the local population; the value of the work; and the cost effectiveness of it. h���n7�_�� Z����`%��ݺ ��������߾3�J���1z[O3�w>J+�SL0�0��k����0c ,s"�8 �x&e4�/08UE�$%/��`h���������`>����v�Ֆ_=�k~�0|������ ZL��z7� ����n���Z�y��T7���9���.fgJ DFID legt dabei den Fokus darauf: An den Ursachen von Instabilität, Unsicherheit und Konflikten zu arbeiten, Extreme Armut zu beseitigen und den Zugang von Menschen zu Grundbedürfnissen (Nahrung, Wasser, Bildung, Gesundheit, Unterkunft) zu erhöhen, Die Widerstandsfähigkeit von Menschen … DFID sustainable livelihoods guidance sheets Author: DFID Year: 1999 Resource type: Official. Join Devex. Framework Agreement for: Global Evaluation Framework Agreement GEFA Framework Agreement Purchase Order Number: 5859 Call-down Contract For: Evaluation of DFID Nepal’s programme to Increase Resilience to Natural Disasters in Nepal Contract Purchase Order Number: 6842 I refer to the following: 1. DFID wishes to work with Framework participants who are committed to ensuring that the best technical development expertise is quickly and efficiently accessible to DFID staff/colleagues across the UK Government. Full title: Global Evaluation Framework Agreement – Department for International Development, UK (DFID-UK) Partners: WYG, EPTISA, DMI Associates, B&S Europe, HCL Consultants Ltd., River Path Associates, University of … Following a drive to diversify into new donor-funded markets, WYG has been successful with the Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) having now secured its first commission. Whilst data on girls’ asset ownership is scarce, women are estimated to own less than 10% of the world’s property , and there are an estimated 250 million adolescent girls living in poverty globally. The goal of the department was "to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty". The above mentioned Framework Agreement dated; 2. This Evaluation Framework supports DFID’s Strategy for Payment by Results by setting out an agenda for using evaluation to learn about what works and ensuring value for money. 7. Background: DFID’s Organisational Learning Benchmarking Framework This activity is part of DfID’s work on improving our Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management. This note aims to bring this experience together in an accessible form, and to explain how the various … The Department for International Development (DFID) was the government department of the United Kingdom responsible for administering overseas aid. A key trigger was a report from ICAI in 2014 on How DFID Learns. The GEFA framework's objective is to evaluate the performance of DFID's programmes. endstream endobj 1259 0 obj <>/Metadata 143 0 R/Pages 1256 0 R/StructTreeRoot 232 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 1260 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 595.32 841.92]/Parent 1256 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 1261 0 obj <>stream Sign in 1258 0 obj <> endobj ... Oxford Policy Management, under the GEFA e-Pact consortium 6 Figure 1: DFID Theory of Change for Tackling Violence against Women and Girls . The DFID has developed a ‘Sustainable Livelihood Framework’ (SLF) which is one of the most widely used livelihoods frameworks in development practice. DFID’s evaluation system continues to commission a significant number of evaluations. h�bbd```b``n�� `r�da�/�L�@�1��m�"Y5@�m�d�Zb3���2012�T�E�@�g��� � N. ��V�����v7�f�C�����Ӯ��4�.�Z��ms;�m�5�s]��݆���$�P�_���OI�4(���m��TFL&��8�� Qr�9�Әzj��7��}Q���u�9�r�s)�C;�g}Q���c�l���o�;�����3���Y^�1��F��S��砳���_.T�["b����. As a whole, this set of Guidance Sheets attempts to summarise and share emerging thinking on the sustainable livelihoods approach. endstream endobj startxref The SLF was integrated in its program for development cooperation in 1997. Thanks to the DFID DIBs and PbR team and staff at ICRC, Village Enterprise, Instiglio and the British Asian Trust who supplied information and views. The Contracts Finder Archive site is currently a beta site. DFID describes the Logical Framework as "a tool to help designers of projects think logically about what the project is trying to achieve (the purpose),what things the project needs to do to bring that about (the outputs) and what needs to be done to produce these outputs (the activities). �� ɰu016P�`��1��� ��@,��B�L�oaL �=�g��هl�:�f�[4�؛���x�-������4#k����?��e`�` ��n8 Warning: This is archived data that is no longer being updated. The new designed format aims to address those weaknesses by encouraging the identification of … Any qualified Tanzanian to fill in the M&E Expert post in the DFID GEFA Evaluation Management Unit for DFID East and Southern Africa Staple Food Markets Programme (See brief background to the project below. DFID was headed by the United Kingdom's Secretary of State for International Development. The SPRING initiative has been designed to test out how to overcome girls’ inability to own and retain economic assets. As experience has grown on what makes development aid more … Global Evaluation Framework Agreement – Department for International Development, UK (DFID-UK) By mbafaloukou on Tue, 01/14/2020 - 17:41. DFID Logframe Measurement Methodology Guidance Document i Research Team: Clay Westrope – Groundswell Global Research Elizabeth Wood – Research and Evaluation Services Cover Photo: Clay Westrope, Groundswell Global Research Groundswell Global Research is an international humanitarian and development research firm that uses innovative methods of inquiry to … Under this agreement HPI is one of a panel of 17 internationally recognised suppliers … Department for International Development (DFID). It does not offer definitive answers and guidelines. equality features prominently in the post 2015 development framework,3 including a specific target on VAWG. This contract is provided under the GEFA contract. Description. DFID 6904 DFID Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) ITT, (see other contracts from this organisation), Location where the contract is to be carried out. This final phase of a 30-month long mine action evaluation project covers Cambodia, Mozambique, South Sudan and … MCC Millennium Challenge … %%EOF Devex takes a look at which contractors won big in DFID's International Multi-Disciplinary Programme Framework Agreement. ICAI does not have access to the GEFA. 1271 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<96425A4998BC6B4492C26219B6725ABB>]/Index[1258 28]/Info 1257 0 R/Length 84/Prev 1023883/Root 1259 0 R/Size 1286/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

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