dr rashmi kamal ias biodata

It is a time one should spend reflecting and pondering, both collectively and individually about all that has gone wrong and find ways to set it right. Trisha Meyer is an Assistant Professor at Vesalius College and a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In this regard, research on the use of mobile and e-money and the digitisation of financial transactions will support the efforts of African governments and their development partners in ensuring active & beneficial participation of SSA in a global digital economy. Dr.(Ms.) Rashmi Kamal IAS, has been transferred as ED WBIC, Government of West Bengal. My research focuses on the philosophical and political relationships between life, sex, and spirituality, especially as these are structured by the dominance of Western technical-scientific rationality. My stay in Warwick would help me, among other things, to dwell upon the literature and activities of the diaspora engaged in the activities having direct impact in their homeland of origin. the successful merger of prosthetic limbs to bone tissue; the oil industry, for increasing oil yields from sandstone reservoirs; and biology and engineering, where the intricate silica-based skeletal structure of Radiolarians, a small marine creature, inspires the design of novel materials. Rebekah's research interests include world literature, transcultural memory, and Jewish-Muslim relations across the Mediterranean. My main research interests revolve around emotion, higher education leadership and cross-cultural methodologies. My research has appeared in such journals as ARIEL, Textual Practice, Interventions, South Asian History and Culture, and in edited books (Postcolonial Urban Outcasts [Routledge], and Aesthetics and Politics of Global Hunger [Palgrave]). In particular, he is interested in how latin American foreign policy elites conceived of their place within the incipient liberal international order, and how perception of relative marginalization informed political decisions, both domestically and internationally. He also shared his extensive archival research into the English textual record of the grotesque from 1500-1700. Some of her existing works consider the different organizational choices: export and foreign direct investment. My work broadly speaking focuses on Greek Lyric poetry and its reception in antiquity, as well as on ancient literary and cultural history. Elisabetta Nadalutti has recently been post-doctoral fellow at RELATE Centre of Excellence at the University of Oulu, Junior Fellow Marie S. Curie FCFP at FRIAS (Albert-Ludwig-Universität Freiburg). My doctoral research looked at how the recent UK welfare reform policies combined with substantial cuts to public sector funding have had multiple impacts on people living in Coventry, significantly affecting their human rights. In June 2016 Dr Maughan took up a freelance position at the University of Coventry. He is also Professor of Political Science, Professor of Sociology and Professor of German Languages and Literatures at that university. During his PhD studies, Sven attended the CAGE Easter School at Warwick University. Nominated by Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly. Between 1981 and 2011, I worked full-time as an academic at La Trobe University, Melbourne. Before joining the University of Bern in 2009, she was Professor of Art History at the University of Washington at Seattle (1998-2009). Daniel’s research focuses on the biosynthesis of bioactive natural products, such as antibiotics and fungicides. A central concern of the thesis has been to bring women, their increased presence in the public sphere and visual culture in this period, into the frame. My research interests are broadly in cognitive science and exploring human cognition. Nominated by Dr Helen Wheatley, Department of Film & Television Studies. Luce Irigaray is Director of Research in Philosophy at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris). In critically addressing the silencing legacies of settler-colonial law as it misappropriated Indigenous legalities, he plans to work with collaborators at Warwick (e.g., Professor Norrie) to better understand the complementarity between the social auspices, and the moral phenomenology, of those who face criminalization. A module leader and visiting lecturer with the department of Film & TV Studies, I am responsible for a sizeable portion of the undergraduate TV studies provision. The Fellowship facilitates extensive analysis of news coverage of climate change in the Brazilian media, exploration of media production infrastructure, evaluation of diverse environmental value systems in Brazil and the UK, and collaborative academic knowledge exchange on the potential of scholarly research to respond to the climate crisis. Her current research focuses on Partition 1947 and on hereditary performing communities of India. Professor Gillan focuses upon fandom, gender and audiences is important for developing research priorities that address cultural, national and personal memory in terms of popular culture, citizenship and communication research. As an early career fellow in the IAS, he is building on this work to produce a more general monograph on monastic towns. Chemotherapy in turn alters circadian rhythm. Information gained from this work will be instrumental in producing durable TuYV resistance in turn increasing yields and food security. Dr Schmittdiel serves as the Director of the National Institutes of Health-funded Health Delivery Systems Center for Diabetes Translational Research, and is the Associate Director of the Kaiser Permanente Delivery Science Fellowship Program. His publications include At the Edges of Liberalism: Junctions of European, German and Jewish History (2012); Beyond the Border: The German-Jewish Legacy Abroad (2007); In Times of Crisis: Essays on European Culture, Germans and Jews (2001); Scholem, Arendt, Klemperer: Intimate Chronicles in Turbulent Times (2001); the edited volume Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem (2001). She is especially interested in the distinct ways in which humans coordinate their attention and knowledge states. Her research also includes a number of evaluations of interventions designed to improve health care and health care delivery in resource-limited settings. Sophie is an Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick. My research interests include democratisation, constitutionalism, civil society and phenomenology. The facilities of the IAS will also allow the creation of a digital humanities network, encouraged through salons and Accolade Workshops, leading to a potential course on some of the techniques that Digital Humanities has to offer. Outside of the academic world, Victor also has a number of other interests - prior to entering MOAC, he had completed two unrelated bachelor degrees: music technology and biochemistry, he also taught multiple skills including musical instruments, martial arts and badminton. In 2015, Schmitz was a Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Warwick. Through straddling two interdisciplinary areas: gender and food studies, she looks at how the identities of workers, consumers and the products themselves are shaped by and shape each stage of the global food chain. More broadly, I am interested in consent to and refusals of therapeutic medical treatment. During her visit to Warwick, she intends to work primarily on sexual offences. This included two months as a visiting scholar at the University of California Santa Barbara under the supervision of Professor Craig Hawker. I developed expertise in the area of sustainable waste management in Cambridge University during my PhD from 2012 - 2015. Dr Bálint Aradi is a senior scientist at the Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science of the University of Bremen. Secondly, he gained knowledge and expertise from the scholarly community in Warwick on the topic of electron paramagnetic resonance in diamond. I aim to apply innovative and creative research methods to studying contextual features of a happy workplace across culturally diverse universities. Professor Parathasarathi is engaged in a study of environmental change, agriculture, and labour in nineteenth-century South India. His broader research interests include British defence and security politics and debates at the intersection of International Relations, Critical Military Studies, Critical Security Studies, and Ontological Security Studies. These are problems such as climate policy decisions, in which the underlying uncertainty and the welfare of the involved agents can only be partially described. Nominated by Dr. Natércia das Neves Rodrigues Lopes. As some of the oldest and most well-known stories of mankind, the classics have long held an important part in many peoples’ cultural memory, whereby my research uses new concepts from memory studies to explore both the cultural longevity and transcultural reception mnemohistory of classical antiquity. and his Ph.D. from the U.C. Her doctoral project was the first edition of the 15th-century Middle English translation of Bernard of Gordon's Lilium medicinae. Interested in colonial histories of sexuality his ongoing work focuses on the caste analysis of modern Marathi publishing about sex and related topics. Professor Zaidman visited Warwick to scope a joint publication with Professor Fotai, combining their anthropological perspective and psychological approach to organizational research. Nominated by Professor Johannes Angermuller, Centre for Applied Linguitics. Nominated by Dr Sam Adelman, School of Law. Nominated by Professor Alan Norrie, Schoolof Law. Member of the Research Group on the Epidemiology of Non communicable Diseases, CNPq. Dr Connelly is the CLIR-Mellon Fellow for Data Curation in Medieval Studies in the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies in the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts. You can read more about Dr Soskin’s research in his article in the 2017 IAS Annual Report. Abbie is responsible for disseminating IAS news, producing multimedia, online and other marketing content. Collaborating with Dr Paul Toussaint, Hopital Convention Baptiste d’Haiti, Dr Dudley Ambroise, Hopital Convention Baptiste d’Haiti, Dr Myriam Gousse, Haitian Association of Surgeons, Dr Jean Coq, Justinien Hospital, Prof. John Meara, Harvard University. In addition, he taught at the Inter-School Division, Korea National University of Arts and co-founded an arts education start-up. Joe Chick is a historian with an interest in society in English monastic towns, defined as settlements in which a monastery was lord of virtually the whole settlement. Her research focuses on the historical and multi-scalar nexus of security-racialisationterritorialisation as it relates to the formation of area-based urban policy targeting ‘immigrant neighbourhoods’ in Western cities. Nicolas Whybrow, 2014); and ‘Becoming Citizens: Loss and Desire in the Social Reintegration of Ex-combatants in Colombia’ (in Gendered Citizenship: Manifestations and Performance, eds. Next, he worked as a Post-doc on the catalytic conversion of glucose based biomass in the same institution. My research has benefitted from use of a child-centred methodology that privileged children’s perspectives, and from the design of a novel mixed methods analytical integration, producing a greater ‘yield’ than stand alone quantitative and qualitative methods. Since 2016, I have co-lead the Identities in Motion project. Her first book, Poetics, Performance and Politics in French and Italian Renaissance Comedy, is forthcoming with Legenda. This also includes providing training provided to stakeholders, which is also provided through the Centre. I joined Warwick in 2011, having completed a BA in French and Italian at the University of Oxford. antara.ias: 24/04/1976 2006;WB West Bengal 15 Years: 4: Shri Sharad Kumar Dwivedi Id No. My research examines clinical communication with a particular focus on investigating and improving NHS written discharge communications. She is a high-potential early career researcher at Monash University who has been collaborating with several Warwick Business School academics since 2015. In October 2016 Dr taylor took up a research Fellowship at Goldsmiths University. I am a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry, currently developing molecular systems for applications in medical diagnostics and therapy. My interest in language development comes from my experience as a speech therapist and special needs teacher. He has taught and worked in universities all over the world, including the University of Zimbabwe, the University of Warwick, the University of Hong Kong and El Colegio De Mexico. During his time at Warwick, Dr Di Pasquale gave an internal seminar to discuss his previous work, conducted extensive discussions with current and potential collaborators and planned a strategy for the validation of his research in molecular dynamics. Nominated by Dr Sam Adelman, School of Law. I am a Research Fellow in chemistry, currently characterising molecular systems for natural products biosynthesis, in particular antibiotics using a combined structural biology approach since 2015. He is the managing editor of the book series Decolonial Options for the Social Sciences [Lexington/Rowman]. seawalls and sloping dykes with gravel beaches. In 2018-2019, in collaboration with Dr Rashmi Varma, she won another Academic Fellowship with IATL to create a new interdisciplinary module ‘Feminist Dissent: Theory, Practice and Resistance’. This is following on from a March 2018 GRP International Development sponsored international seminar on 'Responding to opportunities for using mobile and digital money to achieve a pathway out of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)'. Dr Schmitz (PhD University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis 2007) is an Assistant Professor at ENS Paris-Saclay and a permanent member of LSV, one of the top European research centres in logical aspects of computer science. Eloïse Bertrand is an Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, and a PhD Candidate in Politics and International Studies. As a Romance philologist, my main interests are medieval European lyric, manuscript studies, music, and digital humanities. My research focuses on the ways in which medicine and the social sciences have a porous boundary with each other, with neighbouring disciplines, and exert an influence on everyday practices for people in the past. This currently consists of the analysis of political violence, militias and UN peacekeeping across Darfur, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also held visiting appointments on several law faculties, including Oxford University, Université de Paris II (Panthéon-Assas), University of Melbourne, Masaryk University, University of Sydney, Vanderbilt University, Free University of Amsterdam, University of Ottawa and Trinity College-Dublin. Richard Traunmüller is currently a visiting professor of quantitative methods at the University of Mannheim and on leave from his junior professorship in empirical democracy research at Goethe University Frankfurt. I was working on a wide range of disciplines and topics including applied mathematics (asymptotic analysis of complex vibration problems), biomechanics (human blood vessels modelling), aerospace engineering (airship based transportation system, design methods for civil aircrafts). I will be engaging in a research collaboration with Dr Jonathan Vickery on several fronts: I will be co-writing a journal article for the current Special Issue of the Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development (on Development, Democracy and Culture) and engaging with members of the GRP-International Development, and also contributing to the design of his projects on ‘UNESCO and the UK’, and ‘Cultural Rights and the City’.

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